Case Studies

Vancouver Airport

Vancouver International Airport operates a fleet of 5 Multihogs in total, with 3 delivered in 2012 and a further 2 units following in 2013, following a successful first winter season. The machines are primarily used airside to remove snow and ice from the apron during the colder season, and for maintenance of green areas around the airport in the summer. The 5 machines are equipped with front-mounted combi snow plough & brush units as well as rear-mounted de-icing sprayers for winter service, as well as heavy duty grass mower attachments which utilise the Multihog’s all-seasonal operation during Spring and Summer.

Arnie Jassmann, Airside Winter Ops Manager, says of the fleet: “The Multihog has provided YVR with a versatile seasonal solution to many aspects of our business.  In winter, for managing snow and ice this highly manoeuvrable piece of equipment can be equipped with a combination plow and broom as well as a liquid chemical spreader making it an ideal piece of equipment for critical area apron clearing.  In the summer it is converted into a grass cutter and can be easily converted with a wide variety of attachments to tackle any maintenance issue. Off the field, the Multihogs are easy to maintain and spend fewer hours in the shop than comparable pieces of equipment. Multihog stands behind their equipment and are available to answer technical questions for our mechanics and spare parts are available on-demand. With the establishment of a local dealer in North America, we have received even better product support.”

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