Maintaining your Multihog

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Spare parts and servicing available direct from your local dealer

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Easy access to all areas of the vehicle makes maintenance really easy, while reducing service costs

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24/7 support & speedy response to maintenance, warranty and parts queries

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Extensive dealer network in North America and Europe

Innovative Design and Robust-Built Quality

As a leading manufacturer of multipurpose tractors, we take our job seriously.  Our R&D department is constantly innovating, and is led by our directors, who share more than 70 years of machinery production experience.

We understand the tough environment that these machines operate in and our Multihog vehicles are built with quality materials in our state-of-the-art production facility and subject to rigorous testing before we deliver them to our customers.

This gives you the peace of mind that you have a reliable machine, fit for purpose that will operate at optimum efficiency.

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Easy to Service and Cost-Effective to Maintain

We all know that prevention is better than a cure and a good maintenance schedule is an essential ingredient when managing a reliable fleet of vehicles.  

Multihog was engineered with this in mind. On-board diagnostics for repair support helps you to stay on top of maintenance and you can see how we have made it really easy to access every part of the machine.


Operator cabin tilts forward to allow 360° access for personnel performing mechanical checks and maintenance.

Attachments are mounted and dismounted in minutes, thanks to a simple connection method.

Rear panels open wide for unrestricted access to the engine compartment – ideal for servicing and maintenance.

If you’re just getting to know your Multihog, we also have a network of local experts available for on-site training for those minor adjustments to help get you back on the road without delay – reducing downtime for you and your projects!

Why not take a walkthrough of one of our popular machines, the Multihog CV Multipurpose Sweeper, to learn more about how it operates and see just how easy it is to access different parts of the machine.

Extensive Dealership Network

When it comes time to service your machine (to keep it running optimally), we have a wide network of authorised dealerships across the globe. 

The maintenance professionals within our dealerships have completed extensive training on the Multihog vehicles and their attachments, and have direct access to our engineering team to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible. All of our dealers hold spare parts locally, which means your machines are serviced quickly and efficiently and are back in operation with a very short turnaround, reducing your downtime.

Our maintenance professionals understand the harsh terrain that these machines sometimes operate in and can provide sound advice, such as specialised wax to help protect against winter corrosion improving the longevity of your vehicle.


With Multihog, our customers typically experience longer service intervals compared to our competitors, which results in less servicing, less parts to purchase and less downtime.

One Machine - One Operator - Endless Applications

By having one multi-purpose machine, you shorten the learning curve and you ultimately become more skilled at using it! 

Have you seen all the jobs a Multihog can tackle? There are many different attachments that can easily adjust and max up your vehicle allowing you to perform a wide variety of tasks and increasing the diversity of your operations.


applications - street cleaner - panoramic image

Street Cleaner

boom mower on multihog

Boom Mower

applications - city cleaner - feat image

City Cleaner

attachments - snow plow - feat image

Drop Sander


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