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London City Airport

London City Airport is ready for winter, operating four Multihog tractors in their airport equipment fleet. Delivered by UK dealer Multevo, and fitted with a range of winter attachments, the four units ensure that the airport is prepared for harsh airside conditions during the colder season.

According to Alex Imlach, Head of Aerodrome Operations at the airport, the Multihogs are crucial in ensuring passengers have a pleasant experience: “We are investing in the future of London City Airport, but that isn’t just about bricks and mortar, it’s about being able to provide an excellent airport experience for all of our customers. People need to get to where they are going with as little disruption as possible and we as an airport want to make that happen.”

Having seen a 42% increase in passenger numbers over the past five years, it’s no surprise that the airport is currently undertaking a £500m development programme. A new terminal, new aircraft stands and a parallel taxiway are all under construction in order to maintain the high level of passenger service which the award-winning airport is known for.

Providing this first-class airport experience for 5 million passengers is no easy feat, but it is one which is very important to the airport, as Alex explains: “Preparing for winter and investing in the right equipment to aid us during poor weather conditions is crucial for London City Airport. Multevo’s Multihog range fits these criteria – helping us clear snow and ice and easily manoeuvre around parked aircraft and the airfield thanks to their compact size.”

Four Multihog multi-purpose tractors with the patented combi snow plough and brush combination mounted on the front join the airport equipment fleet. The plough carries out a ‘first run’ to clear heavier snow, switching to the brush for a spotless finish. A 1200 litre de-icer is mounted on the rear of the Multihog, programmed using CAN bus software to spray only the required amount of de-icing fluid, regardless of the speed the operator drives at.

Alex is impressed with the Multihog’s performance so far: “The Multihogs are working really well for us. The operators have found them straightforward to use and we hope to add to our current attachments in the future to really maximise the multi-purpose quality of the machine. Multevo has been professional to deal with from start to finish and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Multevo is the UK dealer for Multihog products and have provided multi-purpose tractors to several airports in the region, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Edinburgh, to name but a few. Nick Carter, director at Multevo, is delighted with the London City airport delivery: “We know that London City Airport are forward thinking, their expansion plans confirm just how ambitious they are. Multevo is excited to play a part in creating a better more efficient experience for passengers and we are thrilled that the Multihogs are providing them with the winter weather support they need.”


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