Case Studies

Mauren Municipality

The municipality of Mauren in Liechtenstein is home to just 4,200 residents, so the addition of a new machine to its municipal maintenance fleet had to be chosen with efficiency in mind. With just 7.5 km² (4.5 sq. miles) to maintain, Mauren really needed to make the most of any vehicle they chose.

Since it was delivered in July 2018, their Multihog CX 75 machine has accumulated more than 520 hours, proving that it really is used for all kinds of tasks. Patrick Marxer, Workshop Manager for Mauren, explains why they needed the machine: “We first saw Multihog on the Robert Aebi Landtechnik stand at a Suisse Public exhibition, and thought that it could be the right machine to help us maintain all of Mauren’s parks, playgrounds, natural meadows, high moors, tracks, trails, municipal streets and also carry out all winter maintenance tasks.”
Mauren’s Multihog replaced an older machine from another manufacturer in the multi-purpose sector. According to Patrick the previous machine “always gave us a lot of problems, and we were constantly repairing it. It had high upkeep costs and high levels of downtime, which was a big issue for us.”

In contrast, he finds the Multihog “very pleasant to drive. The suspension really allows an incredibly high level of driver comfort, and we’re amazed by the performance of the 100 litre (26 US gpm) PTO hydraulics.”
Sustainability and eco awareness are more important now than ever, and Mauren has really borne that in mind as they utilised the multi-purpose capabilities of one Multihog, instead of purchasing more unnecessary equipment. Mauren’s Multihog really does do everything, and the municipality has a vast range of attachments for it, including a Zaugg snow blower and snow plough, Gmeiner salt spreader, Tuchel sweeper for pavements and paths, a 4.8m (16 ft) boom mower for verge mowing, a front mower with suction collection and rear hopper, front mulcher, harrow and lawn aerator for grass maintenance.

A team of 3 people operate the Multihog in Mauren; Armin (the specialist for boom mowing and snow blowing), and two others. All three appreciate the high-visibility cabin, good noise insulation and good driving comfort which make for an enjoyable operating experience, even in harsher weather.

One thing Patrick is keen to praise is the after-sales aspect of their purchase. “It was important for us to find a reliable partner for such a large municipal investment. Multihog have, since the delivery, been a good and strong partner for us. Additionally, in both Robert Aebi Landtechnik Regensdorf and Wohlwend Damian Anstalt in Liechtenstein we have found partners as reputable as one could hope for. All in all, we are delighted with our decision to choose the Multihog as a replacement for our old machine.”