Case Studies

Elite Property Services

Timothy Smith of Elite Property Services (EPS) in Utah purchased his low profile Multihog MXC LP model in May 2016 and has put more than 322 operating hours on the machine since it was delivered. As EPS is a busy facilities management company, the Multihog is an important piece of equipment in their fleet, particularly for cleaning large parking garages/parking structures, roadways and vehicle access lanes.

EPS use their Multihog from March through October for customers including large hospitals, medical centres, institutes and warehouses. The parking structures they clean are typically around 500,000 sq. ft, spread out over 5+ levels. Tim explains: “We can clean a single parking level with 2 people (1 Multihog + 2 standard pressure washers used part time), faster than when we have 3-4 people using standard pressure washers full time. Our machine has a customised water tank/cradle structure for our requirements and depending on the project, we will change the size of the water spray nozzles, but we usually operate the largest nozzle because we need to move substantial amounts of dirt, debris and sludge using lower pressure.”

Their Multihog also improves health and safety at EPS: “Having the MXC LP allows us to clean areas that may have somewhat harmful deposits, without getting overspray, splashback, etc. on us. The amount of walking is also reduced.”

Why did Tim choose Multihog? “We purchased the MXC LP to enhance our standard pressure washing units, allowing us to be more effective and complete projects faster. The Multihog offers a full range of services that we can in turn make available to our customers. Build quality is excellent, our dealer (Alpine Smith Inc.) is outstanding, and this machine puts us at a professional level that’s unmatched by our competition.”

Four years in, Tim feels that his Multihog has fulfilled all expectations for his facilities management business: “We anticipated that our MXC LP would enable us to complete projects much more quickly; do a better job of cleaning than we can do manually; save on labour costs and be an excellent marketing & sales tool when meeting with customers. I can honestly say that the Multihog has delivered on all of these aspects so far. And yes, we love sitting in the cab, with the radio and A/C on, keeping our customers clean!”

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