Case Studies

Komplett Drift

Espen Lepperød, owner of facilities maintenance company Komplett Drift, manages several properties in Oslo and the surrounding areas. In 2017, Espen decided to set up his own facilities management business, and was advised that he would need a multipurpose machine for Oslo’s properties. He was drawn to Multihog from the beginning, on account of its robust build, and purchased an MH model in 2018, followed by an MX model in 2019.

Espen explains his choice: “We only have 2 machines, but they can do so many things, and even though they’re small and compact, they’re so well built that they can do the work of much larger equipment. For example, we use a 3.6 metre (12 ft) box snow plow on the MH model. We started out with a front sweeper and then expanded our range of attachments. I think the Multihog is one of the most perfect machines for the kind of work we do, because as a facilities management contractor just starting out, we can take on jobs involving large and small properties. One of the facilities in our portfolio is 6,000 sq. metres, and the Multihog is strong enough to manage it, yet manoeuvrable enough to service smaller sites as well.”

Facilities management can be a fickle business, with no guarantees of automatic contract renewal year on year. Espen kept this in mind when choosing a machine, “We are busiest in winter and spring, but we take pride in providing full maintenance services for the facilities we manage. Right now, we use snow plows, gritters, a sweeper and pressure washer on our Multihogs, but we’re also researching an asphalt planer for road repair in the future. The Multihog is a great asset to have; I can diversify my business if I need to, without having to buy a new machine.”

For an operator, the Multihog has two outstanding benefits, in Espen’s eyes, “I often operate the Multihog myself, and there are a couple of features which make a long shift more comfortable. The first is the weight transfer feature, which transfers the weight of the attachment on to the front wheels. Although it isn’t the intended purpose of this feature, it really helps to make the ride very smooth for me when driving from one site to another. I also love that, unlike a tractor, the Multihog has no bonnet obstructing my view. I just look down and I can see the plow, see where I’m clearing snow and whether there are any obstacles. That’s really helpful on those darker winter days.”

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