Case Studies

City of Bacau, Romania

Bacau is the 12th largest city in Romania, with a population of more than 200,000. In September 2021, its Public Utilities Service purchased five units of the multipurpose Multihog CV 350 sweeper for year-round municipal street maintenance. The units are used right across the city, but particularly on its narrow city centre streets, pedestrian areas, and parks. The five sweepers are operated with a range of attachments, including salt spreaders, snow ploughs, and high-pressure washers.

The city had just one compact sweeper (from another manufacturer) in their fleet before their brand new Multihogs arrived, and that has been removed from service now.

Eugen Juverdean, Chief Operations Officer of Bacau’s Public Utilities Service, explains why they chose the Multihog. “Best Tools, a local Romanian dealer introduced the Multihog machine to us, and we immediately liked its compact size. The ability to use it in every season was a huge bonus, as we like to get the most from our equipment for our citizens.”

What benefits did Eugen think the Multihog would bring to the City? “Our old fleet was undersized, we needed machines with proven productivity, which could perform. The Multihogs are easy to use so our operators started using them after a short period of training.”

With a combination of sweeping and all of the other attachments in the fleet, it’s no surprise to learn that the Multihogs are used all year round, resulting the best return on investment for Bacau’s residents.

Eugen is satisfied with how operations have improved since the Multihogs’ arrival. “I know that they definitely work faster than our old sweeper, but it’s difficult to give a comparison because we had just one sweeper before, and now we have five!”

What about health and safety, and operator comfort – are those important to Eugen?    “There are safety benefits for our operators, certainly. And we’re cleaning the streets more efficiently, so that is definitely an environmental benefit for our city. The machines work for us on many different levels. For the operators, they’re happy because the machines are easy to use, which helps a lot. They’re also much more comfortable to be in while they’re working.”

Eugen is also complimentary of the new fleet from an operations perspective. “The year-round solution is really great for us, and most importantly, changing from winter to summer attachments can be done in no time. It’s a really simple changeover. I feel that we have secured great value for money in our municipal equipment budget. Really, the best thing about Multihog is that we can rely on it all year round for multiple tasks. Instead of 15 different machines, we’ve got five Multihog sweepers that can do everything we need.”

  • City of Bacau, Romania
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