Case Studies

Hördegårds Entreprenad

It was Sweden’s restriction on chemical herbicides which prompted Daniel Hördegård, a municipal services contractor in the south of the country, to look for a machine which could carry out chemical-free weed control. His company, Hördegårds Entreprenad AB, operates two CX 75 Multihog tractors kitted out with thermal weed control attachments, the first of which was delivered in March 2017.

Using hot water instead of chemicals to kill weeds, Daniel operates his Multihogs every day during weed control season (7 months per year), and he has also purchased a snow plough for winter maintenance work during colder months. Hördegårds Entreprenad cover a large area in the course of their work – nine municipalities last year – and it was this volume of work that prompted Daniel to buy a second CX 75 six months later. He is impressed by the operating speed of the Multihog, something which is important to any contractor, “I can stop at any body of open water and refill the tank without needing a filter. I don’t lose precious time driving back to base, and this is crucial for a contractor like me.”

For Daniel, choosing Multihog was absolutely the right decision: “My local dealer, HM Maskin, recommended the CX, and although I did my research and test drove other machines, the CX was the only choice for me. Operator comfort was my first priority as I operate the machine myself. The only way to compare the Multihog to other machines is to compare the comfort of a very old vintage car and a brand new car. There is no comparison; the CX is so far ahead of the competition.” Daniel is very aware of the health and safety benefits of being enclosed in the Multihog cabin instead of manually spraying chemicals on busy streets, and is delighted that he rarely has to use the hand lance on the weed control attachment thanks to the narrow and manoeuvrable body of the CX.

“I’m very happy with the Multihog/weed control combination – hence my decision to buy a second one in August 2017 to service more municipalities. As a contractor, it’s reassuring that I can use the Multihog with lots of attachments without having to rebuild the entire machine to make it suit – other machines are not so easily customised in this way. For me, it’s peace of mind that I can diversify the nature of
my work if necessary – with the Multihog, my business is future-proofed.”