Case Studies

Town of Huntington, NY

At the beginning of the 2018 winter season, the town of Huntington in New York had a Multihog MXC 120 tractor delivered to replace an old sidewalk tractor they’d had since 1991. Operated by Jon Hoffmann, Automotive Mechanic II for Huntington, the Multihog MXC is used with V snow plow and snow blower attachments on the front to remove snow from the municipal walkways.

Although the winter of 2018 was relatively mild with just a couple of significant storms, Jon and his team have had plenty of opportunity to test out the Multihog. Purchased to replace another brand of sidewalk tractor which was nearly 30 years old and prone to breaking down, Jon says the town chose Multihog for a number of reasons, “Apart from the obvious – operability – the MXC also has a great turning radius and the visibility in the cabin is awesome, especially when I compare it to our old machine. It’s narrow enough to fit on the sidewalk, and low enough to avoid any low-hanging obstacles around town. The main reason though is that it can operate for 15-20 hours solid in a storm without stopping. It doesn’t vibrate like our old machine, and it’s so quiet I don’t even need to wear ear protection. When I finish my shift I’m not fatigued from operating – it’s so user friendly and comfortable.”

According to Jon, the Multihog is much more up to date than their old machine, which was completely hydraulic. Since the MXC is controlled electronically, it’s just one button to start doing what he needs to do. “It operates at a really good speed, and we can drive it from site to site, which saves us time. It’s also much more efficient; it uses less fuel thanks to the work/drive modes because we can run it at a much lower RPM when we’re driving and not operating.”

In true community spirit, Jon is conscious of the perks the Multihog brings to the town as a whole: “With the old machine breaking down so much, we often had oil spills on the road, and the clean up affected the public. We also never knew if it was going to work when we needed it to. The Multihog is much more reliable, with far less downtime. With the snow plow and blower we know now that the sidewalks will be cleared on time, and for both public safety and municipal liability, that really is a big thing.”

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