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Antwerp Zoo

Antwerp Zoo in Belgium is one of the oldest zoos in the world, attracting more than 1 million visitors annually. It took delivery of a Multihog CL 55 multi-purpose tractor in early October 2020, along with a variety of attachments including a front sweeper, Dynaset pressure washer with two high pressure reels, and a low pressure pump with one reel. An aluminium platform on the rear carries an 800 litre (211 US gal) water tank. For the front a plant pot clamp (adapted from a mast attachment) will be available, along with pallet forks.

The Zoo purchased their Multihog CL tractor primarily for cleaning duties on its 11 hectare grounds. It’s mostly used to maintain walking paths (paved and unpaved) with the front sweeper and high pressure washer. The sweeper is also used to clean leaves and the larger animals’ enclosures. The pot clamp moves the Zoo’s tropical plants to protect them during winter, and it can be adjusted between 30 and 950 mm (1 – 37”), so it can be used for plants of all sizes. The pallet forks move pallets with large sacks of feed and bedding for the animals. All in all, it’s proving to be a complete multi-tasker for the Zoo.

Koen Wyckmans, head of Landscaping & Garden Infrastructure at the Zoo, is pleased with the Multihog. “We had a 30 year old tractor/tool carrier until this year, so the Multihog has really been a revelation for us, as our old machine could only be used for pressure washing.”

Having chosen the Multihog for cleaning purposes, any extra functionality after that was added value for the Zoo. The CL has made a huge leap in terms of ergonomics and efficiency, and has improved productivity too. The machine will be used all year round, but its busiest season will be Autumn. It will move pots in spring and fall, and clean using the sweeping brush/collector on wet days. The high pressure washer will be used to clean the grounds on dry days, and the pallet forks will help to move various feed, bedding and other material around the Zoo.

According to Koen, the Multihog CL is not necessarily faster than their old machine, but it does bring much more functionality to the Infrastructure dept. “Our old tractor just had a rear washing lance, whereas the Multihog has both front and rear washers, along with all of the other tasks we can carry out using the pot clamp, pallet forks and the sweeper.”

The Zoo’s local dealer Van Dyck Marcel customised the CL somewhat, fitting a high & low pressure pump on the rear of the machine, and adapting a mast to function as a pot clamp.

The biggest benefit is actually for Koen’s team. “My colleagues are so much happier using this machine. It’s more ergonomic, warm and comfortable for them – especially in Belgium, where we can have quite wet and cold weather in the winter. Now, the CL can move the pots, instead of the team, who used to have to move them manually. In the summer, it’s nice to be able to clean the paths from the comfort of the cabin, instead of standing outside in the dust on dry days.”

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