Case Studies

Montgomery Township

Montgomery, a township in New Jersey, first became aware of Multihog in 2017, shortly after 4 machines were delivered to MTA (Manhattan Transit Authority). Local dealer Trius Inc. demonstrated the Multihog for the township, and Superintendent of Public Works Art Villano immediately realised it could be a valuable addition to the township’s equipment fleet, thanks to its ability to work all year round.

The first MXC 120 model was delivered in 2017 with several attachments for different seasons. Its performance led the township to order a second machine shortly afterwards, which was delivered in 2018.

Both machines are used 365 days of the year, with a wide range of attachments including boom mower, flail mower, snow plow and blower, and fork-lift. In summer the machines mow roadside, in fall they mow off-road easements and open spaces, and in winter they carry out snow plowing and blowing.

The Multihog is a perfect fit for a township like Montgomery – by working every day of the year, it maximises the township’s valuable equipment budget in the best way. The township is also looking into a weed control attachment, to get even more value out of their purchase.

The Multihogs replaced a larger tractor for mowing and pickup trucks for snow plowing. Art explains the decision: “Instead of buying separate plow and mower units, we decided to go with one base unit that can function as both, which was the Multihog. Not only does it do a better job than our old equipment, but it’s more compact and manoeuvrable, and way safer to operate – the large glass cab and backup camera mean there are no blind spots, which is important when we’re working in public places.

What does Art find best about the Multihogs? “We’ve got one piece of equipment that can handle any job we see fit – we find the Multihog to be a beast! It’s operator friendly, you’re not jumping in and out of different machines with different controls, it’s one machine that does it all, and does it all safely and efficiently. Very comfortable in the cabin too, which makes work more enjoyable for the operator.”


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