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Eben am Achensee Municipality

The village of Eben am Achensee is a small town in Tyrol, Austria. With just over 3,000 inhabitants, it is also a popular holiday destination during ski season. The municipality operates two units of the Multihog MXC model, both of which were delivered in 2019. They are used with a range of attachments, including a snow plough, snow blower, sweeper, boom mower, front mower with collection and an ice breaker.

In total, there are approximately 100 sq. kilometres (62 sq. miles) to maintain during winter, all of which is taken care of by two Multihogs and two operators. The municipality has been very pleased with the Multihogs since their arrival, as Armin Brandmayr, one of the operators, explains: “We use it every single day, from 7am until 5pm. With so many different attachments, we can obviously use it in all seasons, which is great. We fit on the winter kit (the snow plough, ice breaker and snow blower) in November, and it stays on until April. At that point, we remove it, and attach the boom mower and front mower instead. It’s really easy to change attachments too, and the process is much faster than our old machines.”

The old machines he mentions are two tool carriers (from a German manufacturer), which the village had before the Multihogs arrived. According to Armin, there is a world of difference between the vehicles, although they appear similar at first glance. “Our other machines were so loud, and not comfortable at all. The cabin of the Multihog is very well insulated from noise and vibration, which makes it a really nice place to spend long shifts, especially in winter or summer. Another problem we had with our old machines was that they were too high to fit under under bridges and underpasses – an issue we no longer have now that the Multihogs are in our fleet.”

The local dealer did the demo in 2018, and as soon as Armin and the team saw it, he says they wanted it. “I knew from looking at it that it was a high-quality vehicle, and once I drove it, and realised how quiet it was, I was sure it was the right machine for us.

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