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Dublin Airport

When Dublin airport examined the range of snow clearance vehicles on the market some years ago, it was a “home grown” piece of equipment – the Multihog multi-purpose tractor – which stood out from the rest. Fitted with front and rear mounted winter maintenance attachments the eight Multihogs have since proven themselves to be invaluable for airside operations when bad weather strikes.

“After some unusually harsh winters we wanted to make sure we were thoroughly prepared to deal with the worst to minimise disruption to passengers and airlines,” says Corporate Airside Safety and Compliance Manager Mick Lenane. “We were particularly focused on finding a confined space vehicle (CSV) which could work in close proximity to aircraft parked at stands, as this area had been problematic for some time.”

Mick and his team looked at several other tractors and purpose-built vehicles, but judged the articulated build of the Multihog, its manoeuvrability and its powerful performance to be the superior option. The possibility to use the Multihog combi snow plough & brush attachment together with a rear mounted de-icer was also a key advantage as it enables just the one vehicle to effectively work as three machines in one.

“Throughout our dealings with Multihog the company has been totally customer focused and committed.” says Mick. “As well as manufacturing a first class vehicle that is reliable and does just what it promises, Multihog’s personnel have always been very responsive to our requirements. Where we used to need separate vehicles and drivers for ploughing, sweeping and de-icing, we can carry out all of these functions with just the one universal CSV and one driver. The ability to use other attachments also means that we can use the Multihog for tasks such as grass cutting and patch planing around the airport at other times of year.”

In 2013, following their initial purchase of the eight Multihogs for winter service, Dublin Airport subsequently took delivery of further attachments including a patch planer, mast, fork and hedge cutter arm – making their Multihogs truly all-seasonal.

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