Virtual Showroom: Multi-purpose Machine

Multihog: The Multi-purpose Machine

Welcome to our Virtual Showroom! Below we’ve included some videos showing you how Multihog can improve your operations by working all year round. 

The Versatility of a Multi-Purpose Machine

The Multihog is a class-leading multi-purpose machine which prioritizes comfort, safety and ease of use. Its versatility means that you can swap attachments front and rear to have a ‘swiss army knife’ machine which works all year round. Using it as a snow plow in winter, a pressure washer in spring, a boom mower in summer and a leaf blower in fall means that it never spends time in the garage, unlike dedicated seasonal equipment. 

Each Multihog vehicle features the latest, cleanest engine, robust build, a super comfortable cabin and easily accessible service points. Plus, its compact size and articulated design allow it to access even the narrowest, most restricted areas for all kinds of tasks. 

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