Case Studies

Wolfsburg City

In the growing season grass needs to be mowed regularly and between April and October operators spend a large amount of time in the cab. For the drivers who work for the Greens Department of the city of Wolfsburg this is more of a pleasure than a hardship thanks to the very comfortable conditions that the Multihog offers. Workshop Manager Bernd Schlüter says: “They are really impressed with the roomy cab and the deep air cushioned seat, and given that we used the Multihog last year for over 700 hours of mowing this makes a crucial contribution to the wellbeing of our staff.”

One of the main reasons Wolfsburg City acquired the Multihog was to increase the mowing capacity and capabilities and thanks to the machine’s top speed of 40km/h and its ability to drive independently from one job to the next it easily covers the distances to keep up with the allotted mowing schedule.

A rotary mower attachment is used to cut the 110ha of grass and parklands in the city, surrounding municipalities and around reservoirs. As is the case with many customers Wolfsburg’s Multihog is made ready for winter clearance at the end of autumn. The attachments – a snow plough and a salt spreader – were not used very often during the last winter season due to relatively mild weather, but when bad weather strikes the Multihog can be put into action.

“We are 100% happy with the Multihog, says Mr. Schlüter. “I have had a lot of experience with equipment from other manufacturers but in comparison this machine is much more robust, quicker and its size and performance are ideal for our requirements.”

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