Case Studies

Alexandria Municipality

The municipality of Alexandria in Romania is reporting a higher level of efficiency in its street cleaning and winter maintenance programmes since it took delivery of a Multihog MH90 model complete with a number of attachments. According to Mr Tudorel Jianu, Head of the Motor Fleet for Alexandria, the Multihog has proved to be a valuable addition to the vehicle fleet due to its year round capability, its excellent design and build as well as its ability to access all areas.

“A fair amount of the road infrastructure in Alexandria consists of narrow streets that cannot be serviced by larger tractor units,” said Mr Jianu, “so the Municipal Council was looking for a unit that could cover numerous applications: to easily access tight confines and to also work on larger roads and boulevards in the city for example. Our local Multihog dealer, Best Tools Company, recommended the Multihog which is now on the go almost constantly and which turned out to be the ideal choice.”

During the winter maintenance season the MH is fitted with a front mounted snow plough attachment and either a rear mounted de-icer or gritter. These can all be adjusted and controlled from within the cab so  as well as keeping the roads safer for the travelling public and pedestrians they also guarantee comfortable operating conditions; drivers are very impressed according to Mr Jianu.

In less arduous weather conditions the high pressure washer attachment is ideal for street washing and sign cleaning thanks to its adjustable water pump (available with 220 bar or 460 bar options). Together with the front mounted sweeper attachment that is used in Alexandria this ensures a clean and tidy environment in streets, parks, playgrounds and other amenities.

“The modern technology incorporated in the MH has brought Alexandria’s fleet up to date and improved operations all round,” said Mr Jianu. “Our municipality plans to add further applications in future to capitalize on the machine’s versatility, and a second Multihog is on the cards once budget has been ratified.”

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