Case Studies

Dublin Port Tunnel

Transroute Tunnel Operations uses a Multihog MH90 machine to keep the toll plaza at the entrance to the Dublin Port Tunnel free of snow and ice and safely gritted during harsh winter weather. Transroute is responsible for managing all processes associated with the operation and maintenance of the tunnel, and was asked to operate a Multihog fitted out with winter equipment on behalf of the National Roads Authority (NRA). From the outset the Multihog proved to be absolutely indispensable, allowing the tunnel to remain operational during one of the worst spells of weather ever experienced in the region.

“We previously used external resources for snow clearing, and we could not always rely on these vehicles being where they were needed at any given time due to contractors’ other commitments or adverse weather and road conditions,” says Transroute’s Chief Operating Officer Alex Young. “The Multihog’s immediate availability and flexibility allowed us to react very quickly to prevailing conditions for total control of operations at all times – for example to determine exactly when to lay salt. Without this we would not have been able to keep the tunnel open – the consequences would have meant thousands of HGV’s being diverted through the city in the busy Christmas period, not to mention loss of revenue.”

Transroute’s Multihog MH90 is fitted with a snow plough on the front and a rear-mounted salt spreader, which allows the flow to be adjusted depending on road conditions – reducing costs and material waste. This was much more effective than separate ploughing and spreading vehicles previously used by Transroute, and the Multihog’s compact dimensions also allowed much better access to the relatively small areas around the toll booths.

The Multihog’s versatility has already prompted Alex Young to look into further applications. “We are proposing to the NRA that we get additional attachments on an ongoing basis such as road sweepers and sprayers for cleaning road signs. My impression when I first saw the Multihog was that it was a machine worth snapping up, and this has proved to be 100% the case.”

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