Case Studies


Thermal weed control is taking over from chemicals as a more environmentally sound method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation and the Tomingroep, a service provider working with a number of local authorities in the Netherlands, is using this sustainable technology in rural and urban areas  in and around the cities of Almere and Hilversum. When the system was introduced Tomingroep also looked for new equipment to ensure efficient operation and chose three Multihogs as carrier units for its Empas hot water attachments.

Working across a wide area between the two locations, the Multihogs’ nifty road speed of 40km/h enables the vehicles to easily cover the distances from one job to the next. The compact dimensions of the Multihog MXC75 base units make them ideal for accessing the paved and semi paved areas in the narrow confines of residential areas, pavements and cycle paths where much of this type of spraying work needs to be carried out.

The weed control season lasts from March until October, however once this is over the Multihogs will not be put to rest but will be on standby for operation in more severe weather. Winter attachments of a combi snow plough and brush, developed in-house by Multihog, and front mounted brushes are on hand for snow clearance, and the Tomingroep is also looking to acquire other rear mounted attachments to widen even further the scope of the machines’ activities.

“Tomingroep has been very happy with the overall performance of the Multihogs,” said Gerard Vels of Van Dyck Netherlands, Multihog’s dealer in the area. “The multi-purpose nature of the units makes them cost effective and of equal if not more importance is the comfortable environment for the drivers, who are operating the machine for shifts of six or seven hours at a time. Whether spraying weeds or clearing snow, the Multihogs’ versatility is of great benefit to both municipalities.”

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