Case Studies

TNT at Liege airport

TNT Airways is using a Multihog multi-purpose implement carrier fitted with a range of attachments at the company’s European Express Centre situated at Liege Airport.  The Hub processes all air freight consignments within Europe and forms the link with the rest of the world. Following the extremely severe winter of 2010, TNT embarked on a programme of vehicle acquisition to upgrade its ability to cope with bad weather conditions, and the Multihog’s versatile and all seasonal operation has made it a profitable addition to the fleet.

Claude Joslet, GSE Coordinator Maintenance and Engineering first saw the Multihog at the Inter Airport show in 2011 and he and his colleagues were immediately impressed by its multi-functionality, design and build quality. A demo shortly after the show proved that the Multihog’s manoeuvrability and tight turning radius would also be of great benefit for moving between the 1,200 vehicles that are on site during operation times.

A front mounted snow plough and a 1m³ capacity rear-mounted salt spreader with adjustable spreading widths make up TNT’s winter resilience attachments. Both of these are fitted to the 90HP Multihog machine from the beginning of October until the end of March when the machine is based in the Operations Department  in readiness for snow removal around aircraft.

Once the risk of bad weather has passed the machine is assigned to the Maintenance Department where, fitted with a fork attachment, it can operate as a forklift truck for the transport and handling of machinery and spare parts.

“This ability to use the Multihog for very diverse tasks and its compact dimensions coupled with a very powerful performance make it an efficient and cost effective solution,” says Claude. “From a drivers’ point of view the large cab with its excellent visibility affords comfortable working conditions and they particularly appreciate the warm environment in the long winter period.”

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