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Stainz Municipality

Maintaining efficiency in municipal services was one of the main challenges for Stainz in Austria, which recently integrated with five other municipalities and now serves more than 8500 residents, instead of the previous 2500.

Stainz road network now encompasses almost 350 km, spread over an area of more than 92 km2, and this expansion brought with it a need to increase the municipal fleet. The Pappas Group (Multihog’s authorised dealer in Austria) stepped in to supply Stainz with a compact Multihog MXC 120 tractor and Unimog for municipal duties such as mowing, public parks and winter maintenance.

Erwin Zibert of the Pappas Group is responsible for Multihog sales in the area: “The Multihog tractor scores points for quality, performance and its robust build. In our urban areas where smaller, more manoeuvrable vehicles are required – e.g. on narrow paths, cycle lanes and in small side alleys, the Multihog is ideal for operation.”

For winter service the Multihog has a front-mounted V snow plough and a Kahlbacher salt spreader for the rear. Thanks to its hydrostatic articulation it can clear snow where larger machines cannot fit, and so provides a safe throughway for the municipality’s residents. When the bad weather period has passed, a front mower complete with suction collection manufactured by Stoll ensures efficient mowing and collection operation – and also allows the Multihog to be used throughout the year.

Walter Eichmann, mayor of Stainz, is very positive about the new addition: “The Multihog is a big plus for us – its multifunctionality means it can be deployed 365 days per year”.

Watch the Stainz Multihog in action on the Live Dabei Youtube channel here!

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