Case Studies

Saver NV

Saver provides a range of municipal services to local authorities in the Netherlands, including waste collection, gulley cleaning, sweeping and the winter clearance of roads and cycle paths. Following the acquisition of its third MXC Multihog model in May 2015, the company has recently expanded its offering to include an environmentally friendly method of weed control for the municipalities of Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal.

The Multihog is being used in conjunction with the WAVE system, which combats weeds using 100% hot water at a temperature of around 98°C. This causes plants above ground to die off as well as systematically exhausting the roots for a very sustainable, non-chemical solution to unwanted vegetation.

Saver’s first two Multihogs replaced tractor type machines for de-icing and snow clearance a couple of years ago, and the proven all seasonal versatility they offered paved the way for the implementation of the WAVE method. Fitted with a demountable water tank on the rear and a front mounted hose and lance, the compact dimensions of the MX range and its articulated design allows access to hard to reach areas such as those in parks and city centres.

A major advantage of the 100hp Multihog as a base unit is its powerful performance and top road speed of 40km/h, even with the complete WAVE kit on board – other carriers can only manage 25km/h. This ensures speedy movement around its designated operational areas and enables Saver to cover all the ground it needs in the weed killing season to treat each surface area around four times.

Multihog’s designers put great store in providing a safe and comfortable operating environment and Saver’s drivers are very happy with the low noise levels, ergonomics and overall in-cab comfort, which includes air conditioning and heating according to the season. This ease of operation coupled with more stringent directives on chemical treatment means that there will be more demand for thermal weed control in future.