Case Studies

Kier Group

Before settling on a Multihog MH90 tractor, Kier – a leading UK services group considered several non-manual options to facilitate their permanent road repair programme. One of the alternatives considered was a mini planer, however it was deemed not ideal due to the fact that it cannot legally travel on the road. As a result the Multihog’s road-legal status and low-levels of vibration whilst planing made it the clear choice for Kier, and they took delivery of their unit, with a patch planer and rear water tank in early summer 2016.

Shortly after delivery, the Multihog was called upon to help ease closure chaos in London following a fuel and hydraulic fluid spill in the Blackwall Tunnel. Having battled to disperse the spill with sweepers and various cleaning agents, and with a wide array of closures already in place, it became clear that resurfacing the area was unavoidable, and so the Multihog began planing out around ironworks to prepare the area for the resurfacing process.

The Multihog’s ability to travel independently to site without support vehicles proved highly valuable, with the compact machine quickly self-propelling from ironwork to ironwork, saving time and minimising disruption to the public.

East Depot Manager Rob Polley utilised the closures by securing permission from Transport for London to carry out a host of maintenance activities at the same time, eliminating future disruptions to the same section of network at a later date, and reducing costs. During the night the maintenance teams refreshed all white road markings, cleaned the tunnel signs and patched 70 sqm on a nearby flyover with the ever useful Multihog.

The comfortable operator cabin (free from dust exposure), and low vibration levels (reducing risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) make the Multihog and planer combination the ideal alternative to manual breakout in road maintenance.

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