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NPL Construction

NPL has deployed a Multihog MH90 and patch planer to assist with gas pipeline replacement in South Lake Tahoe, California, in a major project which involves excavation, line installation, welding and paving work. NPL is a nationally recognized leader in pipeline construction with over 40 years’ experience in building energy distribution systems across America.

The MH90 model replaced a skid steer machine and is fitted with a cold planing attachment to enable the quick and efficient removal of asphalt. It has improved productivity for NPL, which has been contracted to replace several miles of pipeline and all the connections, by offering more efficient surface preparation before the new lines are laid below ground.

NPL chose a front mounted SIMEX 4520 self-levelling high flow planer and a rear mounted 220 gallon water tank as the most suitable attachments for the Multihog, preferring a 12 volt pump for the tank rather than a gravity fed unit for dust reduction.

As the project is due to last a few months two 12 hour shifts ensure that sensitive work that may be disruptive to local businesses and the traffic flow can be carried out at night. NPL has been particularly impressed with the Multihog’s road speed, operator comfort and good visibility from the cab which enables work in the South Lake Tahoe section to keep good pace with the planned schedule. Drivers have commented on the MH90’s easy operation and those on the day shift particularly appreciate the air conditioning unit in the cab.

Local dealer support was a factor that influenced NPL when it looked at sourcing equipment and ALPINE SMITH Inc. which specialises in tractors and equipment and snow removal was ideally placed to offer this. Darin R. Smith, who also has experience of Multihog’s winter clearance abilities, rates it as a top notch solution for NPL: “The MH90 is a fantastic platform for a cold planer due to its strength, comfort, speed and water carrying capacity,” he said.


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