Case Studies

Nordstemmen Municipality

The German municipality of Nordstemmen near Hildesheim has benefitted from much more productive and cost effective mowing, wood chipping and snow removal since it acquired a Multihog. Whereas other specialist pieces of equipment are often only able to be used for specific seasonal work, the Multihog together with its various attachments is at the disposal of the eight localities which make up the municipality every day of the year.

From April until around October it is used with a front-mounted 3.5m folding rotary mower to cut grass in built up areas and on greenfield sites. “We used to contract out this type of work but in order to cut the costs associated with this we decided to bring it in-house” explains Yard Manager Mr. Hickmann. “We looked at various pieces of equipment but the Multihog stood out from the rest due to its compact build, powerful performance levels, tyres and above all its functionality.”

The Multihog’s ability to move from one job to the next under its own steam is a further advantage according to Mr. Hickmann: “It’s ideal as we don’t need to transport it on a loader and the attachments can be left on whilst travelling so everything is much quicker. Also the quality of the finished cut is very good: thanks to the Multihog’s steering and its weight it doesn’t leave any tracks behind on the grass.”

In the autumn the Multihog is kitted out with a Dücker wood chipper which is powered by the hydraulics of the MH90 base unit. A further service is on offer in the colder months of the year when the Multihog is used with a snow plough for winter clearance. When budget becomes available a rear mounted salt spreader will be acquired to complement the current winter equipment. “We are also looking at the possibility of further applications in future, such as patch planing and stump grinding” says Mr. Hickmann. “The Multihog’s all-round ability has been very beneficial for us and puts it in a class of its own.”

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