Case Studies

Neuchâtel Municipality, Switzerland

Two Multihog MX 120 models were delivered to the Swiss Canton of Neuchatel in time for the winter season of 2015 and have been doing a great job of clearing snow and ice according to the Head of Fleet at the Department of Bridges and Highways. M. Frederic Storrer. The multipurpose tractors replaced two other pieces of equipment which could only be used in winter for heavy snow clearance, and this has enabled the Maintenance Division to offer a higher level of flexibility throughout the year on 200km of roadway for residents in the regions.

First used with a Zaugg snow blower, the Multihogs are due to be equipped with further attachments to enable it to exploit its potential in and around Neuchatel as an all-seasonal solution for a wide variety of tasks. On the request of the sector chief of the Couvet Rochefort region M. Guillaume Tell, a leaf blower attachment for use with both machines has been ordered and the purchase of a patch planer is planned in the near future.

“A major advantage of the Multihogs is that they can be used by drivers with no need for them to have an HGV licence which gives us the flexibility to deploy a number of operators rather than relying on a specific driver for each vehicle,” said M. Storrer. “Coupled with the arrival of the new attachments this will enable very productive and improved operations.”

The Multihog MX range was developed as a smaller alternative to the original MH models, and following the recent introduction of the very compact CX models it is seen as the mid-sized Multihog series with 100 and 120HP engine sizes available. It combines powerful performance with the ability to access narrow areas such as cycle paths due to a starting chassis width of just 1280mm.

“The Multihogs have been very reliable for clearing snow and the drivers appreciate the comfortable conditions in the cab – an important factor in the Swiss winter weather,” adds M. Storrer.

  • Neuchâtel Municipality, Switzerland
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