Case Studies

Municipality of Pelt

The municipality of Pelt in Belgium was established following a merger of two smaller municipalities, Overpelt and Neerpelt. It has been using one of Multihog’s compact CL multi-purpose tractors since June 2019 for a variety of tasks, including mowing, sweeping and weed control. An existing roller brush, which was adapted to operate as a snow brush on the CL, is used during the winter season to clear snow on the cycle paths. Pelt’s existing weed brush was also converted to be used on the Multihog. This clever use of existing attachments helped to reduce costs, and the Multihog is now in operation almost every day, mowing during summer, and removing weeds in spring and autumn.

Danny Hendriks is the Purchasing Manager at Pelt and was quite involved in the purchase of the machine. “Our Multihog mows all public areas and several sports fields throughout the town, which has an area of about 83 km2 (51 sq. miles). We had an industrial lawn mower previously, so we had to really think about what we needed when we replaced it. The CL can carry a really large, wide mower, so we can do our mowing much more quickly. The road speed was also quite important to us – being able to drive on the streets at 40 km/h was crucial, as the machine needs to be able to travel between parks and sports fields independently. The other consideration was the CL’s suspension. Operator comfort is really high on our priority list, so when the drivers are sitting in the cabin all day, mowing, it’s really comfortable for them.”

The benefits were clear immediately. Unlike their old machine, the Multihog can carry a really wide rotary mower, so working width increased from 180 cm (70in) to 300 cm (118 in). Hendriks says that based solely on this, their productivity and efficiency increased dramatically.

Although its primary function is mowing the green spaces in summertime, the Multihog is used almost all year round, sweeping cycle paths in autumn and winter with the adapted roller brush.

“We haven’t officially measured it yet, but we know for sure that the Multihog is a faster solution than our old lawn tractor. Its road speed is quicker, and it uses a wider mower, which in itself, means that our sports fields and parks are cut faster. Since the merger, the distances our Grounds Maintenance team has to cover are much larger, but the Multihog has made our lives much easier – it mows quickly and travel speed between job sites is great. It’s made the merging of the municipalities quite smooth for our department.”


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