Case Studies

Xi’an Municipality, China

Xi’an Municipality in Northwest China is home to the Xi’an High Tech Zone (XHTZ), one of China’s six world-class science parks. Generating operating revenue of over $230 billion annually, the zone is an important economic and residential area, covering almost 1100 sq. km (683 sq. miles). With such a significant area to cover, the municipality purchased a fleet of 4 Multihogs to carry out various maintenance tasks in the Zone. The fleet is made up of two CX 75 compact sidewalk tractor units, and two powerful MX 120 models, purchased in 2018 and 2019.

The Multihogs carry out various tasks, including plowing snow, sweeping, pressure washing and flood pumping. To make the fleet as versatile as possible, the municipality purchased a range of attachments, including high pressure washers and high volume pumps for their CX machines, and snow blowers, snow brushes, sweepers and combi snow plow/brush attachments for the MX units.

With 1000 operating hours now on each CX sidewalk tractor, and hundreds of hours on each of the MX units, Zhao Xingwang, Operations Manager for Xi’an municipality, has seen the machines’ performance first-hand. He explains that Multihogs were their vehicle of choice for a number of reasons, including efficiency, maneuverability, all-season use, innovative design and fuel efficiency. “It’s really so quick and simple to change attachments, that’s a huge advantage. A multi-purpose machine is not useful if it takes a day to swap applications. With our Multihogs, it’s a one-man job which can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the attachment. We’ve had excellent after-sales support from our local dealer, so that has certainly had an impact on our satisfaction. They provided great training, and we know that we can call at any time if we have questions.”

The Multihogs replaced older snow plow, mechanical loader and sweeper machines which were manufactured in China. Zhao says that one Multihog can do the work of 2-3 of these old machines, improving the efficiency of his operations hugely. He is impressed by how much faster and safer the Multihogs are compared to their previous machines, and says they’ve ensured that the Zone’s roads are cleaned much more quickly. “They’re 100% better than our old machines. They’re so much easier for our staff to use, which makes them happier too. Our efficiency has increased and we’re using them in every season, which means that we’re saving costs. They’ve been a big success for us.”