Case Studies

Montreal Airport

Three Multihogs plus a range of attachments are proving to be a great asset for Aéroports de Montréal, where they deal with snow and ice clearance from the ramp and apron in winter and are used to keep the flowers watered in summer. One MH90 base unit and two MXCLP narrow chassis low profile units were chosen as a replacement for previous brands of equipment, due to their superior power output and the more comfortable conditions that they offer for operators.

When the airport management decided to look into new solutions they consulted Team Eagle Ltd, a world leading supplier of airfield solutions with a wide airport customer base across North America, and Multihog’s partner in the region. The MH90 was trialled on a lease to purchase basis for three months and according to Team Eagle’s Stephane Rousselle, “it provided everything that was required,” and was kept on. Delivery of the two smaller MXCLPs, which are ideal for working in and around tight and low level confines followed shortly afterwards.

The Multihogs work both airside and landside and in winter are fitted with a combi snow plough & brush for efficient initial ploughing and final sweeping. An Althaus watering arm is also used in conjunction with a towed tank to water the flowering hanging baskets in warmer months.

“The speed at which the Multihogs can travel from A to B is beneficial for operations,” said Mr. Sylvain Marchand, Deputy Director -Grounds Maintenance and Mobile Equipment at ADM. “From the drivers’ point of view the cab is ergonomic, easy to get in and out of and drivers report that it offers good comfort throughout their shift of up to 12 hours.”