Case Studies

Gefrees Town

The town of Gefrees in Bavaria, Germany has been using a Multihog MXC 100 since the end of June 2015 for various tasks which had previously been carried out by multi-purpose tractors from other manufacturers. Recommended by their local dealer, a demonstration at the local council yard in turn showcased its features, power and build quality.
To ensure that the machine was utilised all year round, and was as economical and productive as possible, five attachments were delivered with the Multihog. The town also ordered a mower with collection system from Kalinke for mowing and mulching in the sports parks, park facilities and green areas as well as a front mulcher from Fischer. For winter operations a top mounted spreader and a 185cm V snow plough from Fiedler can be fitted in order to carry out snow clearance in the inner town and outer suburbs. A Multihog-developed patch planer is also utilised in the repair of pothole, for an unparalleled precise and clean removal of the asphalt.
According to Mr Bernd Wagner, yard supervisor at the town of Gefrees, the Multihog has fulfilled all expectations:
“At first I had some reservations about the size of the machine, but now I’m happy that we chose the right model for our requirements. We have a lot of experience with other articulated vehicles, and in comparison to previous equipment we can operate larger attachments thanks to the Multihog’s powerful hydraulics and huge carrying capacity, and so large areas – approx. 25 hectares for mulching, 12 hectares for mowing and around 15km for winter services – can be serviced much more quickly.”

Mr Wagner is also impressed with the technical features of the Multihog: “as it’s purely hydrostatically driven, we can achieve the full power of the hydraulics with very low engine revs. With other manufacturers, whose attachments are PTO-operated, power from the engine torque is required – which causes huge wear and tear. In this way the Multihog is very non-wearing, which means less repairs and maintenance for us, and thanks to lower revs the mileage is also reduced.
For the drivers, the daily operation of the Multihog is stress-free and comfortable – they feel safer in the robust cabin, and have great visibility. Thanks to the quiet conditions they no longer need ear protection and can listen to the radio as they work. The CANbus controlled electronics allow very precise driving and operation, and there is no abrupt acceleration or braking.
Mr Wagner rates the Multihog the best on the market in terms of driver comfort, “now we leave the machine in the evening in the same condition we entered it in the morning – no more back problems for us!” The Gefrees staff have also established the world’s first Multihog Stammtisch (a traditional German club with regular meet-ups) and wear their Multihog Stammtisch t-shirts with pride!

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