Case Studies

Edinburgh Airport

Due to Edinburgh airport’s location it is often subject to harsh winters, highlighted by the 13 snow events it recorded in the 2012/2013 winter period. In spite of this, Airside Operations Delivery Manager Scott Watson and his team avoided any closures, but have since replaced old tractor-based winter kit with two Multihog multi-purpose tractors which provide fast and efficient head of stand clearance. “Staying open is a matter of pride, to say nothing of the costs that closures entail – a six hour shut down can cost around half a million pounds” said Scott. “There is also more pressure from airlines as well as a government focus on efficient operation in bad weather, which is why we decided to look at new products. After our own in-depth investigation and speaking to industry contacts we came to the conclusion that there was nothing to match the Multihog in terms of versatility, performance and living up to its promise.”

The combi snow plough & brush units fitted to Edinburgh’s two machines guarantee thorough initial snow clearance and final sweep, and Scott is particularly impressed by their powerful brush performance. The de-icer tanks on the rear are coupled with hand lances, which are particularly effective for fast de-icing of passenger walkways and steps. The CANBUS systems on the de-icers regulate the quantity and spread of the de-icing fluid, reducing waste and the impact on the environment whilst increasing cost savings. A flail mower also allows the Multihog to be utilised outside the winter months, mowing grass areas around the airport.

“This multi-purpose ability is a sound argument with the finance department;  machines designed for very specific jobs end up being used for just a few months of the year whereas we can count on daily use of our Multihogs, and their 4 wheel drive also means we can use them on terrain that is problematic for other vehicles,” says Scott.

“We are often the first to get cold fronts from Scandinavia and need to be on constant alert to the requirement for de-icing. But with the best will in the world and an excellent team, we can only be effective with the right equipment,” explains Scott. “We are now in a position to react very quickly and thanks to the Multihogs’ in-cab comfort and visibility our drivers are more than happy to get them out there to keep things clear and moving.”

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