Case Studies

Cork City Council

Cork City Council is well-prepared for winter having acquired a Multihog MH90, upon recommendation of the National Roads Authority (NRA). The NRA had previously purchased a Multihog to carry out similar duties in the Port Tunnel and found its performance so impressive that they decided to purchase a second machine for use in the Jack Lynch Tunnel.

Prior to purchasing the Multihog, the council relied on contractors to carry out winter services in the city, leaving it exposed to problems with availability of equipment as well as time delays in carrying out vital work. With the Multihog at their disposal, they now have one machine to carry out various tasks following their purchase of attachments including snow plough, salt spreader and de-icer. Two drivers operate the Multihog for the council and both enjoy its 360° visibility cab, easy operation and the speed at which they can change attachments.

Kieran Cremin, Duty Engineering Manager at the Jack Lynch Tunnel is delighted with the Multihog: “Having our own machine to carry out winter duties means that we no longer have to rely on contractors and are now well prepared for the cold snaps which inevitably occur throughout the season. The fact that we can operate the machine as a plough and spreader/de-icer without having to leave the cab and manually switch attachments is easier and safer for our workers. This also saves us time, which in turn reduces costs for the council.” 

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