Case Studies

Bucharest Airport

When Serban Ilie, Bucharest Airport’s Head of Special Ground Operations first saw the MH90 model at the Inter-Airport exhibition in 2011, he immediately recognised its potential for improving the quality of apron clearance in the winter months. Bucharest Airports National Company were subsequently equally impressed and two MH90s are scheduled for delivery in September 2015, with a total of seven units to be delivered by 2018.

In the past, the airport had used bigger machines for winter clearance on the aprons but with limited success. On recommendation from other airports already using Multihogs the management liked what they saw and realised that not only would the Multihogs be able to access the more confined areas around parked aircraft but would also reduce turnaround time on the apron during adverse weather conditions.

The first two machines operate a rear mounted de-icer, snow blower, two combi snow plough & brush units and a salt spreader, so will be more than adequately kitted out for whatever the Romanian winter brings. A special safety feature specifically requested by Bucharest is an automatic lift of the combi unit when the vehicle is put into reverse gear which will prevent any potential damage to the attachment. As parking space is also restricted this will assist with tight manoeuvering to access a parking bay.

With temperatures in winter dipping to as low as -20⁰C operator comfort is high on the list of priorities and Multihog added further features to ensure that drivers are protected from the cold. Auxiliary cab heating and a heated windscreen will ensure that the cab is warm with a clear screen when drivers start work. A two way radio will ease communication and a rear camera was requested as an added safety feature.

As well as apron clearing, the Multihog’s ability to get into tight corners will allow it to be deployed for de-icing the narrow crew stairs on the passenger air bridges as well as the push back areas for the tow tractors. Possible future uses may also include all seasonal operations such as grass cutting and apron washing or brushing.

Mr Ilie says: “I really liked the machine from the first moment I saw it, and I know from demos and video footage I’ve seen that it will do exactly as it promises. It will definitely be a valued addition for smoother airside operations for Bucharest.“

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